Phrases for each zodiac sign

Phrases for each zodiac sign If you’re looking for some great Proverbs to describe each zodiac sign, look no further. in this post will see Proverbs that describe each zodiac sign.

In this post we will look at one such trait or side of each sign,

Aries. – Action speaks louder than Words.

The fiery Aries is a force to reckon with. Mars-ruled Aries is action oriented and prefers to actually do things than talk about them endlessly only to never do them. Aries absolutely hates people who would commit with heavy words but never keep them in action. For Aries, they’d rather succeed first and then go ga-ga about it. Action speaks much louder to them than words.


Taurus – Live and Let Live

Taurus a sign governed by Venus, is calm, luxe, and straightforward. The Bull is very hard-working, equally chill at times, and knows how to be happy. Their happiness comes from ignorance. They’d not like to get nosy and interfere in the lives of others and similarly do not like people prying into their lives. Taurus believes to live and let live, for them ignorance is surely bliss.


Gemini – Curiosity killed the Cat

There is no bound to the curiosity and quest of the Mercury-ruled Gemini to gain knowledge. Gemini is the source of most information and know-how. This very thing can turn dangerous as they seem to get pushy with people to satisfy their curiosity The Gemini intelligence and thirst to know more does prove to be great help in many situations but does have it’s own adversities.


Cancer – Hope for Best, prepare for Worst

Cancerian the Moon-ruled sign is very obviously governed by emotions. Usually, they have a very positive and hopeful outlook toward the world and the people around them. But when it comes to self they can be a tad bit pessimist. This comes from their anxiety and preparation for unfavorable situations that may arise. Cancerians stay bright while staying alert for disaster.


Leo – Fortune favors the Bold

Who’d be bold enough to take risks and that too with utmost confidence other than Sun ruled Leo? They know that success comes to those who are brave to grab the opportunity that arises. What boosts them more to attain the goal is their undying belief in themselves and situations enough to turn the adverse situations in their favor. They turn the saying true with their vigor.


Virgo -Rome wasn’t built in a day

Mercury ruled Virgo sign is known for its perfection. Virgo would rather take time and finish the tasks to their satisfaction than half hearting it. They believe and know that every good thing takes time, and for critics like theirs, it takes more time than usual to even attain the label of good. Virgos surely proves the saying that Rome wasn’t built in a dav.


Libra – Look before you leap

Venus ruled Libra sign is not the most cautious out there but they take their sweet time to think it through They are known for their indecisiveness and fickleness, it all comes from their habit of making sure to look through a 360 view and to check if the decision can backfire. Libra would rather play safe and be sure instead of impulsively doing things only to regret them.


Scorpio – Rule your passions, or they will rule you

Scorpio the Mars+Pluto governed sign is known for its intensity. They give in their all when they believe in something. For Scorpios passion surpasses success, if they can’t put or feel devotion then even triumph feels petty. They also know when and how to use their passion, for they know the absorption power of desires. Scorpios would rather rule emotion than be ruled by them.


Sagittarius – There is no time like the present

Sagittarius the Jupiter-ruled sign is full of wisdom and adventure. They are known to be visionaries and think big but they hardly worry about the future. Sagittarius neither likes dwelling on the past nor is wrapped in anciety about the unpredictable future. They truly live in the present and enjoy life as it comes. They are rather cheerful about what is to come.


Capricorn – The only free cheese is in a mousetrap

Who would preach that nothing is free in this world other than Mighty Saturn ruled Capricorn? They know the reality of how things work. They also slog through and work hard to attain everything they desire. Capricorns know that if something is free there must be a hidden cost attached to it in other forms. They do not like and will not accept favors or freebies from people.


Aquarius – Only dead fish go with the flow

Aquarius the Saturn+Uranus-ruled sign believes in justice and being different. They do not like to adhere to rules or norms just because they need to. Aquarius would seek logic and reasons behind why something must be done. They’d rather be the wolf that roams alone than the sheep in the herd. Aquarius would rather also be the one setting the trends and rules for people to follow.


Pisces – Still waters run deep

Pisces the Jupiter+Neptune-ruled sign on the paper is easiest to decode but in reality, is very complex. They may look simple-minded but are anything but one-dimensional. Pisces has layers of personality and would hardly react with their real feelings or intentions in front of people. The secretive sign has so much depth to unveil. Pisces is a mystery beneath still water.

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