Zodiac Signs and Coffee habit

Do you ever wonder why some people can’t function without their morning coffee while others never touch the stuff? Well, as it turns out, there may be a correlation between your coffee habits and your Zodiac sign. From the bold and energetic Aries to the introspective and intuitive Pisces, each Zodiac sign has unique traits and preferences that can influence their relationship with caffeine. In this blog, we’ll explore the coffee habits of each Zodiac sign and see how they align with their astrological characteristics. So grab your favorite coffee, sit back, and let’s dive into the fascinating world of Zodiac signs and coffee habits .


  • Wants caffeine buzz fast, fierce and now!
  • Can’t wait for the barista to brew a fancy frappuccino. The simple act of steaming up the milk is beyond his or her limited attention span.
  • Go to Drink- Espresso, with two extra shots: not too hot, hold the cream, no soy and forget the sugar.
Coffee habits of Aries


  • Loves Caffeine but sweet, creamy, fancy drink tops to bitter strong coffee for them.
  • The one to take the longest time to order deciding on not what they want but how much they want. Will end up with the largest drink or more refills.
  • Go to Drink – Double Chocolate Chip Blended Crème Frappuccino
Coffee habits of Taurus


  • Already energetic, really doesn’t need high-octane coffee.
  • It’s hard for this multi-tasker to focus on just one thing.
  • Always looking for someone to share a drink with.
  • Go to Drink- Flavored Coffee Brew. It’s caffeine-and-not-caffeine, sweet-and-not-so-sweet … perfect for Gemini, & definitely a conversation starter!
Coffee habits of Gemini


  • Will want to order something that isn’t easily made at home.
  • Wants good taste and a feel-good vibe drink
  • Warm, creamy, sweet and full- bodied, jet sophisticated + No Straws.
  • Go to Drink – Caramel Macchiato. multi-lavered adventure in texture and flavour. Total Yum!
Coffee habits of zodiac cancer


  • They are Queen/King of everything at least they’d want it that way
  • They would know and try to remember all the fancy names and ingredients of every cafe, because they want their barista to respect the coffee knowledge they possess
  • Go to Drink – Dulce de Leche Latte
Coffee habits of Leo


  • This health-conscious person is into high-quality, efficiency and basic goodness.
  • Not ashamed to stick to the plain and simple in life.
  • Loves skim milk, low-cal sweetener, and fresh cinnamon for flavour. May opt Decaf
  • Go to Drink- Starbucks signature brew.
Coffee habits of Virgo


  • Would ogle at coffee mugs, ambience & fancy menu for hours.
  • Libra loves pleasure and admires nice colors and sumptuous tastes.
  • Confused about what to order? Coffee, Espresso, Frappuccino, mocha, Maybe juice, A cookie?
  • Go to Drink- Blended Mocha. It’s creamy, it’s coffee, & they may or may not add sugar… But it’s the perfect blend.
Coffee habits of Libra


  • Someone who pays with exact change.
  • Likely to lurk before deciding on the final order but orders the best & enjoys it the most
  • Go to Drink – The Fench Press or Java Chip Frappuccino. Either proper coffee or one with ice, chocolate syrup, & whipped cream, while chunks of chocolate serve as little surprises & right level of suspense.
Coffee habits of zodiac signs


  • Will order a drink fancy exotic drinks.
  • Mostly fancy Drinks from countries they have been to.
  • If someone asks about what kind of drink it is, they would narrate their travel story & describe where they had it.
  • Go to Drink- Any Mocha. It has milk, coffee, chocolate, whipped cream, and a bunch of diverse flavours to choose from.
Coffee habits of Sagittarius


  • Chooses Cafe few minutes away from job
  • Likes to work as they sip on their drink. Though most don’t buy coffee, they have a staff or spouse that gladly makes it for them.
  • Go to Drink- Long Black. No Milk, No sweets, no cream… just the strong flavour of coffee and its intense aroma, is the right start to the busy Capricorn’s day
Coffee habits of Capricorn


  • Quirky & conscious of communal concerns than the average person.
  • They’d ask tons of questions to the barista. Are the teas pesticide-free? Has any animal testing occurred? Who exactly picked those coffee beans, anyway?
  • Go to Drink- Green Tea Latte. Made with soy milk, it’s 100% vegan.
Coffee habits of Aquarius


  • They need Coffee smell to wake up.
  • Might be overwhelmed by Complex names & options.
  • Loves strong bitter caffeine that makes their heart beat faster as well as relaxing & soothing herbal teas.
  • Go to Drink- Relaxing Chamomile or a bold strong double Espresso shot.
Coffee habits of Pisces
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