Zodiac Signs And Foods Associated With Them [Part 2]

Zodiac Signs And Foods Associated With Them [Part 2]

Libra – cranberries are representative of this sign. Cranberries are similar in appearance to cherries; they are the decorators and aesthetic pieces. Libras are known to generally have a sense of aesthetic style and balance in fashion and life. Yet Libras are quick to not make a loud and noticeable appearance. Cranberries are often there for appearances; they give a lovely red-pink hue to cakes and other foods. In stores we hardly see them in fresh whole form, they are more likely to be in cans or other preserved packages.

Libras disfavor the spotlight; they prefer to see the spot light and admire the appearances, even their own brief one. They enjoy the limelight but it must be under their conditions and when all is beautiful. As Libras are ruled by the planet Venus (as are the Taurus), they usually look appealing. Cranberries certainly look appealing. Libras are light as they are an air sign and cranberries are a light fruit. Libras tend to take ages to make decisions and then when they do they are concerned about what others see and how they look to others. This may be why Libras like a more introverted quite life. Yet the ultimate reason is their inherent sense of balance.

They know the value of ‘me time’ and sleep. This preserves their health and beauty. It is during sleep that the body rejuvenates and heals while we rest. Libra rules the kidneys and the acid/alkaline balance. This acid/alkaline balance is part of what is known as the pH values. We need an acid (low pH) for stomach acid/juice but in other areas more of an alkaline environment (higher pH) such as in the environment of cells. The perfect pH balance of water is 7, yet although 7 is the balance of equal acidity and alkalinity, in our bodies each pH value has its role. It is imperative to regulate and maintain the pH of various sections to sustain balance. By maintaining balance we have health.

Ill health is derived from imbalance, whether it is biochemical with mineral excess or deficiency, emotional with mental stress or various other ways. We create imbalance via x-rays, our lifestyles and relationships. As we are aware, an individual that is excessively giving is more prone to be ill sometimes from cancer development. The shortage of not prioritizing oneself and not caring about oneself can be negative. Libras are able to prioritize ‘me time’ and this may be another reason why they are reluctant to become involved. They often need time to weigh the situation, yet this is problematic when it takes longer and in the end delays a precisely needed firm answer to settle a situation. Cranberries are ideal fruits for kidney health.

There are numerous studies showing the effective nature of cranberries (and blueberries) being able to prevent some types of kidney stones forming. Anyone with kidney stones or a susceptibility to kidney stones may benefit from taking cranberries. Indeed, cranberries are so well known for treating urinary tract infections therapeutically; there are various medications that include cranberries for that problem.

Cranberries can help balance the acid/alkaline balance of urine and that is not all they do. Cranberries protect us from harmful bacteria by impeding the harmful bacteria from hatching onto our inner linings, such as the urethra. Cranberries may seem like only decorative fruit yet they are highly powerful therapeutically. Libras may seem like the quite judges but they are highly essential in providing justice. Libras have an eye for decorations, and although they may not be apt to implement the actual decorating work, they will be there to pass judgement.

As Libras are an air sign they are not concerned about doing/acting but more with communicating. There is always the judgement of Libras. Cranberries have often been ignored; they are sometimes used in muffins or cakes instead of raisins. We hardly think of the law enforcers of society and Libras have an aptitude to be law enforcers. The will not love chasing the law-breakers, that would lead to a hair being blown out of place. Worse is they may fall or trip accidentally in the pursuit and gain a bruise, how horrid. They need to look their most appealing. The Libra would rather state where and how the law-breaker acted and pass a fair and justifiable sentence to right the injustice.

Cranberries can right the injustice of harmful bacteria from causing infections and they do it peacefully. If you need a friend or family member for a peaceful discussion and opinion (expect to have patience for their opinion) depend on a Libra, and if you need to serenely serve an appealing cake or desert or meal rely on the quiet cranberry appearance.

Scorpio – red beets/beetroot is the representative for this sign. Scorpios can sting and when you hurt them; you will be stung with a fiery passion! Having a relationship with a Scorpio will always be noticeable and memorable. However, even consuming beetroot can be noticeable. If you begin to see your urine and faeces are red you may exclaim, “I’m turning red but all I ate was beets”. The effect of excessive intakes of beetroot is a coloring in of our waste or excretions. Beetroot is usually a reddish-purple hue.

There are different types of beet. Primary the white beets are the source of sugar. Cane and beet are foods that are processed into refined sugar. Whether sugar is derived from cane or beet it has the same taste. Beet is high in sugar and nothing beats the natural whole foods. For sugar boosts we rely on sugar in refined form, yet to metabolize it we need other nutrients. Although we can manufacture energy from protein and fat in our bodies, we tend to rely mostly on carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a broad term that includes fibre and various types of sugars. We can not make energy from protein, fat or sugar unless we have oxygen and various other nutrients to help the enzymes (types of protein) to carry out the process. Refined sugar lacks the other nutrients, yet whole foods of fruits and vegetables, amongst others supply numerous nutrients. Scorpios live in a passionate manner with instinct, and to live they need to have ample energy.

Beets are ideal as they are high in sugar but also supply other nutrients to help convert the sugar into energy. The Scorpio can channel his/her energy into creative pursuits or passionate pursuits. Creation is passion and Scorpios have resources of passion. They are a water sign and this imparts imagination for their creative work. As water reflects emotions, a Scorpio once hurt emotionally will wait to sting back in retaliation. It can take years to implement the plan, but a Scorpio will wait. The Scorpion represents the sign of Scorpio and as we are aware that creature has a fatal sting. Scorpio is ruled by the planets Mars (fiery and passionate) and Pluto (creative and secret). Scorpios have the ability to work creatively with passion and enthusiasm while still keeping the task hidden. They are capable of living hidden lives and not letting others know everything about them. Most people would fall under the strain of hidden lives and secrets!

The color of passion is red and Pluto can also be aligned to darkness. Pluto rules birth and rebirth; these are times of darkness (blood is often at the sight) or the unknown. That beetroot can have the power to color urine and faeces, which shows how strong its pigment can be. It is not harmful but shows its presence. A Scorpio shows a presence through a passionate manner. Scorpios love seduction and having a relationship or partnership with Scorpios is never easily forgotten. Try not to step on Scorpio and you will be safe! The reason why Scorpios are so adamant on stinging anyone who hurts them may be due to their excessive passion. Being a water sign as well they may feel jealousy more than others in relationships; they do not like to feel betrayed, and instinctively sting the threat in self-protection. That is another aspect of a Scorpio; he/she tends to be self-centred. They may not realize that their jealousy has a tendency to appear when it is uncalled for. Scorpio rules the sexual organs and rectum. Beets provide the energy with fibre which can protect against colon cancer developing. Although we do not absorb fibre it is pivotal for colon health. Fibre helps secrete wastes, including excess oestrogen (a hormone from the sexual organs in males and females). By doing this we protect ourselves from other forms of cancer and disease development. We are dependent on fibre to rid us of toxins and wastes. To have only refined foods to supply bulk nutrients of protein, fat and sugar is liable to lead to disease.

The passionate and creative instincts in a Scorpio can be destructive. Their energy needs to be harnessed into productive work and they have the ability to know where and how with the antenna of their instincts. Beet, if left in whole form is an ideal sweet food. Beets add color to meals, even our wastes. Scorpios add color to any relationship or project. Scorpios also like their quiet time at home and beets have become a regular presence in homes (unfortunately in refined form). To reiterate, Scorpios can be self centred and beets can be; through refined sugar, by only serving one purpose – immediate personal gratification and interest. We can think refined sugar gives us energy but it acts selfishly (immediate energy high without concern for anything) and we develop poor health by regular reliance on it.

If you need to set an energetic, yet well planned event while keeping it secret until the date of occurrence, rely on a Scorpio family member or friend; while if you need to have a sugar boost without fanfare of refined foods, rely on the colorful beetroot.

Sagittarius – the carrot is representative of this sign. A carrot can be eaten in a cheeky munchy raw snack-full way, or softly with a meal. The Sagittarius is able to love adventure and irresponsibility, yet also cares dearly about loved ones and the home life. Sagittarius wants security yet also wants to gallop off to greener pastures. The great optimism and care-free attitude does not always assess the full situation. This is how Sagittarius can be seen as naive. Sagittarius is represented by half horse and half man. There is a bow and arrow being aimed. The Sagittarius has high aspirations and dreams of greener pastures, yet knows the value of a stable home. The Sagittarius is the person who would love to go on a wild adventure and leave the children safely with his/her parents. That break of irresponsibility is not rebellious; it is a chance for them to be happily care-free. Sagittarius thrives on physical adventures and travels always excite them.

Carrots can be dug straight from the ground, washed and eaten. We may think of the Bugs Bunny animation. It brings up an image of cheekiness and fast mobility with a cheerful ambiance. Sagittarius are generally cheerful, although if they can not travel they can be feeling frustrated. They will end up fantasizing more to compensate for the lack of excitement in their life. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth. Sagittarius is eager to grow and expand his/her geographical horizons. Carrots have a long history and they have traveled to become part of many cultures. Indeed it was in the Dutch country of the Netherlands that the carrot was turned orange.

As orange is the national color officially in the Netherlands, farmers produced the orange pigmented carrot by cross-breeding. There are various colors of carrots – from purple, yellow to white. Of all the colours generally, white may have the lowest levels of protective phytonutrients. Orange carrots are high in beta-carotene. This is converted to essential vitamin A. Beta-carotene is a highly protective antioxidant that protects us against cardiovascular disease, ill health and ageing. There is a strong association of carrots to eye health. We need vitamin A for healthy eyesight. Travelling is much more exciting if we have eyesight! A Sagittarius needs to protect and look after his/her eyes, to enjoy adventures.

Sagittarius rules the thigh area. Carrots can be eaten regularly to ward away harm from free radicals. When Sagittarius is out on adventures, the exposure to free radicals from the sun’s rays can cause eye damage. Cataracts can lead to blindness, as can age-related macula degeneration. These two forms of eye disease can be prevented in many cases by protecting our eyes from free radicals. Wearing sunglasses with shades and eating foods with antioxidants, and even taking supplements of nutrients and antioxidants is helpful. Sagittarius in a hot pursuit to enjoy life can often forget to take precautions to safe guard health.

Indeed when a Sagittarius can not travel due to poor health, then dreaming takes on greater importance. A Sagittarius is unlikely to be grumpy, as they are ruled by a happy planet. Yet this planet also represents excess and this zodiac sign can be excessively optimistic. There is a time they need a reliable or stern advisor. Sagittarius are fun and children can always enjoy games and adventures with them. Carrots can be enjoyed by everyone. For babies (post 6 months) and the elderly who struggle to chew, carrots can be cooked and mashed to provide an easily digestible food. Carrots are often added to juices of apple or beetroot or leafy vegetables to impart a slight sweet yet fresh taste.

Carrot juice is refreshing, while the sticks are bright and cheerful snacks. These root vegetables can be added to soups, stews and baked in cakes and muffins amongst other foods. They are a friendly vegetable, and can go along with almost any meal or bakery products – fun and lively by themselves even. Sagittarius is generally the smiling type and most jovial of all the signs. Sagittarius have such a friendly naive manner that many can not find it difficult to smile about this sign. If you want a fun-loving adventurous family member or friend to accompany you on a journey of travel, rely on a Sagittarius; while if you want a bright (orange is a bright uplifting color appearance with any meal or snack, rely on a common carrot. Our appetites can be enhanced by appearances. Our lives can be enhanced by jovial acquaintances.

Capricorn – onions are representatives of this sign. Capricorns are often seen as hard and focused with a direct business approach. This may be viewed as cold. The planet of seriousness and cold restriction – namely Saturn – rules Capricorn. Onions can induce us to tears! A Capricorn can easily be insensitive and blunt leading the more sensitive to be terribly hurt by Capricorn’s no-nonsense approach.

Emotions are not nonsense but to Capricorns there is not any time for that, only to work and climb the social ladder to the top. This may be an urgent aid to Capricorns, yet they miss out on family, relaxation and happiness. Perhaps the onion is telling the serious to let go of emotions and feel emotions. Onions are pungent and not pleasant to prepare, while Capricorns are hard core types and difficult to approach when we have problems needing a sympathetic ear with a loving hug. A Capricorn will frown and provide a stern solution. Capricorns are more vulnerable to arthritis due to their rigid emotional life. They hardly laugh nearly as often as a Sagittarius, and they are the most responsible of all the signs. They have an aptitude for the business world and can drive a hard bargain any time.

Arthritis often worsens with coldness. Onions have a heating effect and can help warm up the Capricorn. This zodiac sign is ruled by the cold planet of Saturn. Capricorn rules the bones and teeth. Onions have a special substance that increases bone-formation cells. Do not let an onion scare you away and certainly do not be afraid of a Capricorn boss. The Capricorn boss can seem cross and in need of some humor though. As onions are warming they help with any cold conditions such as the flu or colds.

Capricorns can be so focused on their career that matters of fashion and glamour do not concern them as much. Even an onion does not want to look glamorous! Yet Capricorns can be superficial and want to form relations that may progress their ascension in the social ladder. Capricorns may be seen as cold types and they can do with getting out of buildings into sunlight. Indeed, mild sunlight is therapeutic for arthritis sufferers, sufferers of depression and psoriasis. Capricorns can become depressed as they negate expression of their emotions. They keep it in and become harder and colder. Capricorns tend to have poor skin quality and psoriasis, a form of skin illness.

Onions improve skin quality by promoting heat flow and blood circulation. The skin needs blood flow to feed it and carry away wastes. When we have weaker blood flow and a rigid like attitude we can retain toxins and wastes far more easily. Physical movement enhances metabolism! Emotional expression/movement enhances metabolism on a more subtle level. By improving metabolism we stimulate detoxification, excretion of wastes and blood circulation. Increased blood circulation promotes cell repair and healing. With healing, detoxification and excretion of wastes we are able to aid arthritis. Arthritis is a condition of imbalance, as is all illness, yet in this case primarily stagnation. There needs to be flow. When we have cold weather things tend to flow less. Water may freeze still. A Capricorn can freeze emotions.

This explains how the Capricorn can race to work and shut out all family and home problems. While this zodiacal sign is at work the other family members may be piling up lists of issues to discuss. The Capricorn thinks work is far more important and dismisses the emotional undercurrents of the home life. Then he/she can not understand why he/she is being hotly accused of being cold. The Capricorn proudly states at least he/she has the right attitude to not get worked up on some petty matter.

However if only the Capricorn can try to relax and take up a hobby to encourage self-expression, that is beneficial. Yet once again he/she might place expectations and compete within the hobby or craft. Then later turn it into a business venture and eradicate all joy from the activity. Serious Capricorn needs some serious onion.

Onions are easily added to soups, stews, salads and other foods. If all our foods were sweet and happy we should begin to be bored. The pungent onion is something that stimulates work. Sweet foods encourage a sluggish nature. Pungent foods encourage a more active nature! Onions have work to do and once we have eaten them they are busy boosting heat production and metabolism. They are not in salads for pleasure; they are there to ensure health. Onions lower cholesterol, can support weight loss and protect against cardiovascular disease.

Onions are insurance brokers for our bones and Capricorns make ideal insurance consultants. They are all too aware of the doom and glom of life and ready to make business deals and contracts. If you need a responsible family member or friend to settle any problem rely on Capricorn; if you need a vegetable to set you on the path to health rely on the onion.

Aquarius – 
lemons are representatives for this sign. Aquarius are known to be aloof and chilly, and lemons tend to be sour and cooling. The sourness of lemons deters popularity of this fruit. Aquarius airy ideas can have them cast as outposts. Lemon trees do not thrive growing in cold climates and when a lemon grows it is not in clumps or groups. This is how many citrus fruits grow; the need for space is of utmost importance and Aquarius can be chilly to ensure they have air to breathe. This is an air sign ruled by Saturn (serious and responsible), and Uranus (irregular alterations). Aquarius can shock anyone with their lifestyles. Yet they are aware of social responsibility and will take a caring attitude towards any community or habitat.

Independence is sought and essential, regardless if an Aquarius lives alone or not. Aquarius cause shock by presenting ideas that are unusual, yet they are often not seen to be practical. Whenever you have lemon it does have a zestful effect and shocks our taste buds. Lemons are not like most other fruits. Lemons have individual juice sacs, each independent and holding a beneficial supply of antioxidants. Lemons are high in vitamin C and this promotes healthy circulation. Aquarius rules the blood circulation and ankles. It is often the case that Aquarius feel the cold more than other signs and have frequent accidents. They tend to try new ventures that can lead to accidents.

Aquarius have a habit of sharing, and although they can be disconnected they connect with others primarily through communication. They are more at home when contacting loved ones through gadgets. Aquarius dislike conflict and the safety and security of their habitat is often a priority, so long as everyone has their own space. The reason that Aquarius can be demoted for irresponsibility is more likely the effect of their need to give others space and enhance experimentation. This sign thrives on experimentation and they can play the scientist who experiments and forgets about social engagements expertly. Aquarius though do take the well-being of the habitat in a serious way. This is why they are apt to be charity workers/volunteers. Of course generally in society we dismiss the value of volunteers and think they were not qualified enough for ‘paid’ work.

Aquarians are symbolized by wavy lines which represent water flowing. Their ideas are flowing, yet so does the juice from a lemon. The ideas of an Aquarius are prone to times of possibility and implementation to times of ‘ahead of time’ possibility and implementation. Their thinking is not suitable for predictable concentration, as they are ruled by Uranus that likes to disrupt the regular flow. Then when ever you hold a lemon, cut an incision and squeeze you will notice the drops fall erratically. Lemons are ideal to accompany fish, to safe-guard the healthy essential fatty acids from converting to harmful free radicals. Lemons also supply bioflavonoids and these are perfect companions to vitamin C.

The vitamin C with bioflavonoids acts far more greatly and ensures healthy capillaries. Capillaries are the minor small blood vessels that transfer blood from arteries (big blood vessels generally leaving the heart with oxygenated blood) to veins (big blood vessels generally leaving the heart with deoxygenated blood). We have numerous tubes and tunnels for the transportation of blood; and these minor thin walled tunnels known as capillaries need bioflavonoids especially for their structure.

A deficiency of vitamin C will lead to weak blood vessel structure. The effects may be bruising tendencies, nose bleeds, weak muscles, appearance of ruptured vessels at skin level, bleeding gums. Cartilage is part of our physical structure and it requires vitamin C. Healthy bones are dependent on vitamin C. As Saturn rules Capricorn (rules the bones and teeth), it makes sense that Aquarius – also ruled by Saturn – may have a greater need to ensure healthy bones. Aquarius need the high vitamin C and bioflavonoids in lemons to enhance their weaker blood circulation.

Lemons are often available, and the importance of delivering vitamin C via citrus fruit can be traced to the days when sailors suffered scurvy. Scurvy is a disease of vitamin C deficiency. While the sailors endured months at sea during sea voyages for exploration and the trading of merchandise, they lacked an adequate dietary lifestyle. Being on sea waves (water waves symbolize Aquarius) ensured our value of vitamin C and the lemon amongst some other fruits. If you need a friend or family member to present a different idea that is not normal, rely on an Aquarius; if you need a flavour or tastes that is not usual from sweet fruits, rely on a lemon.

Pisces – leafy vegetables are representatives of this sign. As we know, Pisces is a water sign, symbolized by a fish, and leafy vegetables are the highest in water content relative to other content amongst other vegetables and fruits generally. We have highly emotional turmoil in Pisces and this does present problems. The excessive moisture in leafy vegetables can not make this a practical major dietary food. Leafy vegetables in salads and accompanying other foods are healthy and supportive. Pisces have such a lack of selfishness that they need partners or bosses to direct their work, or else they may do things excessively.

Substance abuse is a particular problem for Pisces as he/she has such a sensitive nature. We can find high levels of calcium and other minerals and vitamins in leafy vegetables despite high water content; yet they can not sustain us due to inadequate bulk nutrient supply. Pisces have ample sympathy to lead a comforting ear but they often lack the ability to enforce and implement an action. They love peace and tranquility Leafy vegetables are layered and hug the layers beneath. Pieces love to hug. When we have excessive intakes of leafy vegetables it can suppress our thyroid gland.

The thyroid gland is the main regulator of metabolism. There are substances in leafy vegetables that can inhibit thyroid function and lead to deficiency of thyroid hormones and ultimately poor health. Generally having leafy vegetables is healthy; it is the excess that is not and the same applies to emotions. Emotions are healthy; yet when we become overly and excessively emotional we can develop poor health. The emotions can be negative or not. Pieces are givers, yet they need to care for themselves. All their emotions need care and they should have understanding and compassionate support. Pisces can easily be brought to tears and the leafy vegetables can easily be juiced.

Juiced leafy vegetables are fine, yet generally in whole form they are best. They provide fibre and many minerals and vitamins with other phytonutrients. Perhaps to create a balance from excessive absorption of minerals from plant foods, there are levels of phytates and oxalates. These are insoluble salts that join to minerals in the digestive tract and impede absorption of the minerals. When you read the mineral content in leafy vegetables it is worth recognizing you may not be absorbing all those amounts.

Pisces rules the lymphatic system and to increase lymphatic flow we can apply massage and increase fluid intakes. The high moisture in leafy vegetables contributes and this is why after a meal of great leafy vegetables we can feel full. It is all mostly water with fibre. Leafy vegetables are gentle and easily damaged. Pisces are gentle and easily damaged emotionally.

To safe-guard a Pisces he/she needs to have a supportive family and compassionate relationships. To safe-guard our leafy vegetables we need to store them in a cool place and not bruise them. Leafy vegetables are so fragile that they can be torn with hands and shredded easily, while offering hardly any resistance. We can ask a great amount from a Pisces and take advantage of them while they keep giving. Pisces are not always saints though and they can begin to use substances to block off emotions or begin to be overly emotional. This can disrupt a practical way of life; an uncompassionate boss would struggle to comprehend the watery-eyed, easily pushed Pisces.

We can chunk leafy vegetables anywhere. They are mainly the prime ingredients of salad. Salad often accompanies pastas and other meals alongside it (sometimes before the main course). Leafy vegetables are crunchy and should not be cooked for long if they are cooked. Leafy vegetables lose their minerals and water-soluble vitamins into the cooking water, as do all foods. This ensures that any cooking water is worth saving for soups. Soups can be highly nutritious and appealing. Heating damages some vitamins, such as vitamin C.

There are various types of leafy vegetables and they all have a particular taste and appearance. While leafy vegetables may seem dull they really do supply immune-boosting nutrients and phytonutrients. The lymphatic system is part of the immune system. Pisces needs to care for their immune system, especially as they are emotional and can be trampled upon with such ease and speed. The immune system is affected by emotions! Positive emotions and nutrients with a healthy lifestyle all protect the Pisces; by especially boosting the immune system. If you need a sympathetic era to hear your woes or a caring attitude to your situation, rely on a Pisces friend or family member; while if you need a high water-yielding immune booster rely on the various leafy vegetables. Leafy vegetables are around in an assortment of hues to match a colored emotion.

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