Zodiac signs post sex habit

Are you curious about how your astrological sign affects your sexual habits? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll explore the unique ways in which each of the 12 zodiac signs expresses themselves sexually. Whether you’re an adventurous Aries or a sensual Pisces, we’ve got you covered. So read on to discover your own sign’s bedroom behavior and learn about the quirks and desires of the other signs. Let us see in this article Zodiac sign post sex habit

In this post we will look at one such trait or side of each sign,

Post sex habit of Aries –Don’t Stop Baby

Aries is a fiery competitive sign and everything for them is a race or an opportunity to prove they are best(or better than the rest). Even if they are tired and exhausted, they’d still ask for more and do not like to stop. It’s their intensity and passion they feel but also to show how good and long-lasting they can be. They may start pillow fights or silly games to get their partner in the mood.

Aries after sex

Taurus –Cuddle and Spoon

Taurus is one cosy and comfort-loving sign. After the passionate Sex, they’d want to melt into their lover’s arms in a tight hug. Spooning and then dozing off is the best way to keep the intensity with touch going on and just being lazy and giving the body much-needed rest. Some Taureans may also look for food, eat and drink together, and sleep while cuddling their lover.

Taurus after sex

 Gemini –Pillow Talk

Gemini is one hyperactive and curious sign. If they have an emotional interest in their sex partner then they’d love to talk about what they did and what things will do together. They can probably go on, and talk about everything under the sun. If Gemini is not yet comfortable emotionally, they will find all the possible distractions, like movies, work or just sleep.

gemini after sex

 Cancer –I’ll take care of you

Cancer is a nurturer by default and once shown a little affection will go out of their way to make sure the partner is doing fine. After a loving sex session, they’d cling emotionally and physically. They want to make sure their partner has a good time, they also get cuddly and want more. Cancerians will tuck in their partner in a warm hug or blanket or cater to hunger and any other need.

cancer zodiac after sex

 Leo –Ain’t I Awesome?

Leo is the drama, everything is a stage where they are the lead. Post Sex, the first thing they’d wanna know is if the partner enjoyed what Leo had to offer. They are proud and egoistic, but being intimate & naked may kick off their vulnerability. So validation is a must. If the partner is giggling, moaning or taking a deep breath, Leo would roar with joy and may get more freaky.

leo after sex

Virgo –Performance Check

Virgo is an intense and analytical lover. They’d give in completely to sex and try to give and take pleasure.But once it’s done they quickly revert to their critical state of mind. Virgo may start pointing out what was good, and what could have been better. They would also prefer to shower and clean up before deciding whether to call it a day or go on further with sweet nothings.

virgo after sex

 Libra –It’s all Romantic

Libra is hopelessly romantic. They embrace the fragility and extreme happiness they feel post-sex happily.They want the assurance that their partner did in fact had a fun time, and they also want to pamper the lover with soft whispers and random touchings. Libra can get all cutesy and get all lovey-dovey with baby talks. They want to talk while being coddled till both falls asleep.

libra after sex

 Scorpio –Unstoppable

Scorpio is a passionate and intense sign. Sex is an essential thing, it can mean various things to them, like emotional affinity, utmost need etc. There is no post-sex as they are trying to get more and going on. When the act is over, they’d seduce their partner. A sexy moan while stretching or staring deep into the eyes, or just stating let’s do it again. There is no end to their night

scorpio after sex

Sagittarius – I Need Distraction

Sagittarius is a happening sign. Sex is one instantaneous & adventurous experience more than a loving connection. Once done with the act, their fickle mind would try to find something to do to avoid thinking about emotions. They’d gulp down a drink, catch on a movie or series they were missing out on or would just sleep stating tiredness and a busy schedule the next day.

sagittarius after sex

 Capricorn –Back to Work

Capricorns are methodical whether they want to be or not. They fear the vulnerability that comes with the intimacy but does give in to the moment. Once the sex is done, they may get all awkward cause of their reserved personality. They’d look for their routine ways to avoid getting uncomfortable. When overwhelmed they may act the opposite, and get chatty or overshare.

capricorn after sex

Aquarius – Weird Together

Aquarius loves to be unusual and different from the rest. They do not see sex as an emotional activity but rather as something that is needed like a workout. Once done they’d like to act the same as they’d go on with their post-workout routine. If they have even a slight romantic interest in their partner, then they may blabber about every weird topic that they find comfort in.

aquarius after sex

 Pisces – Consume My soul

Pisces is a loving and compassionate sign. Sex is not just a physical activity but a way to connect with their partner on emotional, spiritual and deep levels. Post Sex they get passionate, loving and would keep getting touchy-feely. Pisces would keep checking on their partner and make them smile. Sleeping with their lover while stealing kisses or two makes them feel happiest.

pisces after sex
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