Gemini Personality Quotes

Gemini Personality Quotes that define a Gemini.

Gemini is the 3rd Sign of the Zodiac. Those who are born between 21st May to 20th June of any year are Gemini.  They are born under the ruling planet of Mercury. In this post, we will look at some of the Gemini Traits with Gemini Personality Quotes.

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Gemini are restless souls cannot follow too many routines. And hate a monotonous lifestyle

Gemini is an Air sign. Due to this, their nature is also a lot like Air. Flowing and always changing. As a result, Geminis are hyper and always on the edge. They hate anything which has repetitive pattern and monotonous tone to it.

A gemini is more attracted to interesting people rather than attractive people 
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With the uneasy nature of a Gemini, they need constant interest and entertainment. Thus they look for someone interesting and not someone who looks appealing. Someone who can spark their interest and curiosity is better than attractive looks.

Geminians can be talkative , expressive & charming in a moment, at the same time they can also be quiet indecisive and ignorant.
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Twins represent the sign of Gemini. Likewise, Gemini has a dual side too. They are usually extroverts, well-spoken and restless, and hyper. And yet, they have a peaceful, unclear, and distant side to them. Their traits can be on two different ends of a road. This leads to confusion among people about their one true nature.

Geminis are adventurous expressive and quick-witted in their action and approach 
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Geminis are closest to what we call extroverts despite their duality. Hence their way to approach things or people reflects their extroverted nature. They are expressive and quick in all their interactions. They also love adventures and being on their toes.

if you find it uncomfortable, let the Gemini know, and they will really not bother you again.
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If you feel uneasy about something, just tell a Gemini, and they’ll respect your feelings and won’t bother you anymore. Geminis understand and care about your comfort.

When the time and cause for the fight are right, Gemini are supportive and persuasive with their talks.
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When the situation and reason for an argument are appropriate, Geminis are encouraging and skilled at using their words to persuade and influence others. They provide support and guidance through their communication.

Gemini might get tired but it will never prevent them from completing that task or activity 
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As we covered earlier, Geminis get tired of the routine. Despite their nature of constant new things, they never leave anything pending. They might get bored to death of certain tasks, work, or activities. And yet, they would not leave it hanging. They have the conscience and dedication to complete the tasks at hand. The same is also seen in their relationship with people.

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