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Leo Personality Quotes that define a Leo.

Leo is the 5th Sign of the Zodiac. Those who are born between 23rd July to 21st August of any year are Leo.  They are born under the ruling planet of the Sun. In this post, we will look at some of the Leo Traits with Leo Personality Quotes.

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Leos are always self-focused. Since they love to live in their rainbows and portrait everything to be perfect.

Who says Leo can’t love? They very much can! But, who do they love the most? Themselves. Yes, we agree, Self Love is best Love, but for Leos it is a little more like Self Obsession.

Honesty is something Leo admire the most
Leo quotes

Although it’s true that Leos love flattery. yet, honesty is what they appreciate more. In a long run it is truth what matters.

Leo treats other with dignity and respect and expect same in return 
Leo quotes

Leos are kings and queens. So, they expect the same treatment from others. They cannot tolerate disrespect. As a result their ego will hold the grudge and insult the other person on several occasion with that mean smirk.

Leos are mindful listeners because of these listening skills they can be good storyteller 

Leos are excellent at narrating any situation like a story. It is due to their great observation and listening skills.

If someone challenges Leos achievement or way of work they feel very offended.

As we stated before, Leos cannot take disrespect. Any criticism or nitpick for Leos’s hard work makes them feel distressed. With this in mind, this is highest on their crime-that-cannot-be-forgiven list.

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