Scorpio Personality Quotes

Scorpio Personality Quotes that define a Scorpio.

Scorpio is the 8th Sign of the Zodiac. Those who are born between 23rd October to 21st November of any year are Scorpios.  They are born under the ruling planet of mars. In this post, we will look at some of the Scorpio Traits with Scorpio Personality Quotes.

Scorpios are usually considered to be the most complex and misunderstood out of the whole Zodiac. However, there is much more to a Scorpio than what meets the eye.

Scorpio trust no one sometimes they can’t even trust themselves when it comes to their emotions.
Scorpio trust no one sometimes they cant even trust themselves when it comes to their emotions.

Scorpio is very strong but they have fear and paranoia that people will hurt them. This makes them very vulnerable. This protective nature towards self makes it difficult for them to trust others.

Scorpio in love is like a magnet They’re intense and passionate, and they can be very possessive of their partners.
Scorpio Zodiac Sign

When a Scorpio is in love, they act like a strong magnet, pulling people close because they’re very intense and full of strong feelings. Sometimes, they might want to keep their special person all to themselves because they care a lot. This can make their love feel really powerful and special.

Scorpions are driven by passion and determination.

Scorpios are kind of extremeist. Either they go all in or nothing at all. Thus whatever they do, they take great efforts in doing so. For them, if any work, feeling, or activity does not involve their heart, mind, and determination. It’s not worth doing it at all.

Don’t study me you won’t Graduate!
Don't Study Me you Won't Graduate!

Scorpio mind contains so many thoughts and scenarios at a time. They are unpredictable. At times even they themselves cannot understand how they’d act or react the next moment.

Scorpios Have weird essence of mystery towards them which makes them so desirable to others.

As we covered earlier, they are unpredictable. They are also secretive and can hide their innermost thoughts with ease. Thus they build this strong sense of mystery around them. It leaves people curious and guessing about what a Scorpio is all about.

A Scorpio’s loyalty is a fortress, a sanctuary for those fortunate enough to earn a place within their heart
Scorpio Zodiac

Scorpios are loyal and protective friends and partners. They are a rare find, and those who are fortunate enough to earn a place in their heart are truly blessed.

Scorpios are so inclined towards sex that it defines their personality.

Scorpio and Sex are synonyms to many. Sex is important to Scorpio. For them, they must feel the sex and their partner. Intimacy is like a spiritual experience for them.

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