Deal Breakers Based on your zodiac sign

Deal Breakers Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Love and compatibility are intricate dances, often influenced by a myriad of factors. While shared values and interests play a crucial role, have you ever considered how your zodiac sign might shape your deal breakers in a relationship?

From the fiery independence of an Aries to the emotional sensitivity of a Cancer, each sign possesses unique traits that can determine what they absolutely cannot tolerate in a partner. This blog delves into the fascinating world of deal breakers based on your zodiac sign.

Prepare to uncover the red flags that might send each sign running for the hills, the behaviors they simply cannot overlook, and the essential qualities they seek in a compatible partner. By understanding the celestial influences on deal breakers, we gain valuable insight into the complexities of love and compatibility within the astrological framework.

Aries – Unfair Treatment

Aries likes to make sure time and again that the partner is not hurt or uncomfortable. Thus it is obvious they’d expect the same in return. Everyone wants to be treated with respect & equality in a relationship. For Aries this is more important, they will not tolerate any unjust treatment. They may let go a few times before ending it.

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Taurus – Disrespectful Behaviour

Taurus takes great pride in themselves & their relations. No one can tolerate a partner who keeps putting them down. Taurus is no different. The bull obviously expects respect & love from partners. Taurus would want to break relation, if the partner is disrespectful of Taurean’s opinions, choices & life, especially in front of others.

Deal Breakers For Taurus

Gemini – Lack of Communication

Communication is a must in any relationship. Lack of same can affect the love & partner. For a sign like Gemini, they heavily relies on communication in love. They don’t want to understand feelings & love by intuitions. Rather they want their partner to be expressive. Absence of which is not something that Gemini can tolerate.

Deal Breakers For Gemini

Cancer – Distance & Aloofness

A Cancerian is someone who prefers to be around partner as much as they can. So intentional distancing & acting aloof by partner can push them on edge. No one enjoys feeling lonesome despite being in love. Cancer will try their best to sort it out, but no effort & affection from lover only shows lost interest, which Cancerian no longer will hold onto.

Deal Breakers for Cancer zodiac

Leo – Lack of Appreciation

Everyone likes to be praised and pampered. And it is no secret that Leo loves to be spoiled in love. Leo needs constant reassurance of love, not because they are insecure but rather because it makes them feel special & wanted. Not enough of appreciation or attention from the partner is enough to trigger Leo to break it off.

Deal Breakers for Leo

Virgo – Too Much Dependency

Virgos like taking care of their partner & their life in general. But that does not mean they’d babysit 24×7. It’s the core need in relation to giving as much or more than what you take. So if the partner is taking advantage of Virgo’s generosity & shows no will to change or become better on their own, they will be shown the exit by Virgo.

Deal Breakers for virgo

Libra – No Support or Defense

Libra when in love would want to stand by their partner in any situation. They also like to defend their loved ones at every chance they get. This is how they express their love & loyalty. A Partner that is not supportive & takes no effort to take sides of Librans would make them extremely disappointed.

Deal Breakers For Libra

Scorpio – Being Secretive

Scorpio’s need to know it all is no joke. Especially in relations, they wish to know every thought & feel of their partner. They can pretty much read it all without any words. Scorpio will figure out that partner is hiding something, even if they don’t know what. No one likes being lied to. For Scorpios, this is their biggest pet peeve & they walk it off.

Deal Breaker for Scorpio

Sagittarius – Invading Their Space

Everyone needs a little space in their relationship to enjoy their me time. Sagittarius not just enjoys, but cherishes their freedom & space. Even in relation, they prefer to be on their own at times. A Partner who discards that need & keeps clinging or interfering in everything will easily put off Sagittarius.

Deal Breakers For Sagittarius

Capricorn – Irresponsibility

Capricorns are reliable & responsible. They have a sense of duty towards loved ones, especially their partner. It is pretty obvious that they expect their partner to be caring too, just like everyone else. A Partner that is irresponsible, & keeps messing up things that Capricorn has to deal with…is something that Capricorn can’t keep up with.

Deal Breakers For Capricorn

Aquarius – Controlling Tendency

Aquarians are freedom-loving & wish to live a life unlike the norms of society. It is a given that no one likes to be involved with a partner who is controlling. Aquarius despises anyone trying to tie them down or imposing their ideas, & opinions on them. So such a partner would make Aquarius break it off.

Deal Breakers for Aquarius

Pisces – Insensitivity

Pisces is sensitive & someone who does not give up a relation easily. They are also intuitive & understand if anything is bothering their partner. Everyone would want their love interest to be respectful of their emotions. Pisces is no different. But if the partner is rather insensitive & always putting them down, Pisces will hate to let go but they will.

Deal Breakers for Pisces
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