Zodiac signs after breakup

After a breakup, each zodiac sign deals with the pain in a unique way. Some signs may quickly move on, while others may struggle to find closure. In this blog post, we’ll explore how the 12 zodiac signs deal with breakups and the various strategies they may use to help them heal. From seeking space and time alone to relying on close friends, we’ll look at the different ways each sign copes and how best to support them through times of heartache.

In this post we will look at one such trait or side of each sign,


Aries usually want to be the one breaking up. But when their heart is broken it leaves them feeling insulted, irritated & hurt. They’d try to move on, or find a rebound faster than the ex, while keeping the track of what the ex is up to, by stalking them or running into them with planned accidents. With their grand & impulsive ways, they’d embrace change easily, but they would mostly be like Act now regret later.

Aries after breakup


Taurus is a committed sign. When their heart is broken by a potential forever lover, their mind & heart cannot accept the shift. They need answers as to what went wrong. Until they logically figure out, their emotion will take a front seat. Crying, laying down doing nothing, & random love is bullshit speeches. Once they find a resolution practically, they’d develop new hobbies, or habits & move or

Taurus after breakup


Gemini does not dread the change. So when a breakup occurs, Gemini would go on hanging out, meeting friends, hooking up, telling people how this was the best decision and would narrate funny Ex stories. But on the internal level would trap themselves in an endless loop of unanswerable questions & hiding from the world emotionally. Pretending to heal while bottling up and hurrying to move on.

Gemini after breakup


Cancer embraces feelings as they come. When their heart is broken, they try to get protective & put on a brave face. Bad-mouthing the ex, telling people they’d be alert next time, or there will be no next time. But in reality, they’d hurt badly. They miss their Ex, & can’t accept the broken trust. They’d cry & complain to their best friend & would have a hard time trusting people’s actions & words.

Cancer after breakup


When it comes to a matter of heart, Leo’s pride may seriously be hurt by the breakup, yet they’d pretend to be casual about it. Leo celebrates & takes their friends on shopping sprees. Although, with the close circle, they’d be a dramatic mess. The insult and heartache they feel will be emoted with massive theatrical reactions. They are more likely to be in on-and-off relations until Leo is really over it.

Leo after breakup


Virgo is an overthinker. When they face a breakup, they’d wish to sit down with their partner and discuss everything so that no one harbours any ill feelings. Not surprising if now-ex is not interested to chat. Virgo would roller-coast through logic, emotions, pain and love. They’d reevaluate their behaviour, attire, dos-don’ts of a relationship, life choices and everything in between.

virgo after breakup


Libra is a sucker for peace. When dumped, they either get bitter vowing never to see them again or decide to stay friends with no bad blood. Libra may make subtle to extreme changes in their look, environment & aesthetics while keeping the narrative of how they are unaffected & love is for losers. When alone, they listen to breakup playlists, cry while eating ice creams & indulge in self-care.

Libra after breakup


Scorpio has a hard time letting go of the control and love they feel. They may appear cold, & almost unaffected outside. But internally they introspect if they somehow pushed their partner away. They can’t decide if they want company or isolation & get dark or obsessive. But would never regret the relationship or breakup. They’d rather take revenge than outcry over what can’t be changed.

Scorpio after breakup


Sagittarius has a no-nonsense attitude. Although the breakup hurts & they may have a negative outlook for a while, but they quickly bounce back, & embraces the change. They are more likely to take a solo vacation or detox trips to rediscover themselves. Sagittarius does not like dwelling on pain, as life is too short. On impulse, they can harshly insult the ex, stay friends or simply get back.

Sagittarius after breakup


Capricorn loves deep but faces breakups realistically. They understand if it can’t work, it can’t be forced. People see them as too cruel or cold for feeling this way, but internally they hurt badly. Especially as they see heartbreak as personal failure (if they were invested heavily) Capricorn has a tough time asking for help or expressing feelings, so they may bottle up, be melancholic, & heal slowly but surely.

Capricorn after breakup


Aquarius are not in sync with their emotions. Breakups are seen with an intellectual perspective, & they’d go out with friends, go on trips, do charitable works, and some creative expression just to avoid acknowledging the pain and ache that they can’t really understand. Aquarius can go on overworking, be nervous, and get rebellious, all due to the self-doubt & insecurities that the breakup may have sparked.

Aquarius after breakup


Pisces is an intuitive lover, once they sense the breakup.. they’d start drifting & avoiding the crisis. They are involved deeply & have a hard time facing the reality. Pisces appears broken & sensitive (which they probably are) yet only they can heal their heartache & sorrows. It’s better with friends & those who care. To move on they vent creatively, get a pet, develop an addiction or stare into the abyss.

Pisces after breakup
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