first things zodiac signs notice

First things zodiac signs notice

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What’s the first thing you notice about someone? The way they dress, their hairstyle and style, maybe even their skin tone. There are thousands of things that can go through your mind when you first meet someone. But I want to talk about something else. I want to talk about First things zodiac signs notice.

In this post we will look at one such trait or side of each sign, that is secretive or hidden from the world.

Aries – Body/Form

Aries is one Physically charged sign and it is quite natural for them to observe the physique of someone as the first thing they notice. They’d check people out from head to toe, and look at their height, posture, face, hair and figure. This helps them to understand(judge) if a person is fit, active, confident or puts themselves first in terms of taking care of the body.


 Taurus –Manner/Fashion

Taurus is a sign that does give importance to style and aesthetics. The first thing they notice in people is the way they carry themselves, in terms of dress, style or mannerisms. With a precise taste, Taurus observes and decides whether a person has took efforts to make themselves presentable. The way people stand sit, or just behave in general says a lot about them.

first thing zodiac sign notice

 Gemini – Communication

Gemini is probably one of the most vocal signs and they love to engage with like-minded people. With their own ability to express or convey in an effective way, they notice the same in people first. Gemini would observe the way people talk, share opinions and ideas, and also how they react and express certain things. They’d also notice how people act around friends.

first thing zodiac sign notice

 Cancer – Emotion/ Gestures

Cancer is emotion-driven and a nurturing sign. With their fickleness of moods and caring nature, they by default look at the faces of people and their body language. Cancerians try to decode the person based on the way they act with them or others.

With their need to understand the moods, feelings or requirements of people, they are quick at being accommodating to people.

first thing zodiac sign notice

 Leo –Confidence

Leo is bold and carries an immense amount of confidence. They notice the level of conviction and security in people the first thing. Leo looks at people and judges them for how flaunting they appear. Along with body language when a person shows confidence it gives a glance to Leos into how they overcome flaws and insecurities and also how they want the world to see them.


 Virgo –Elegance/Posture

Virgo is most close to the word perfect and neat. The meticulous sign is extremely analytical and critical, thus they’d observe the posture, dress style and elegance the first thing. This helps Virgos comprehend what efforts people take in their outward appearance and personality. Also, understanding if they were lazy or half-hearted or took a genuine interest.


 Libra –Smile/Face

Libra is a social sign who is most appreciative of all things beauty. The first thing a Libra would notice in people is their faces, smile and hair.They are quick and eager to conclude if people they come across are pretty or not. They have a set standard for beauty and anyone who reaches or crosses those leaves the Libras star-eyed and filled with admiration or even love.


 Scorpio –Eyes/Reactions

Scorpio is intense and the best mind-reading sign. They are secretive and try to keep people guessing. Likewise, when they first meet anyone, the first thing they’d do is observe, decode and look for authenticity. The eyes are the window to the soul is true for Scorpios. They’d observe the eyes, the way people stare or look at things around and how they react to certain things.


 Sagittarius –Laugh/Honesty

Sagittarius is one boldly blunt and funny sign. They prefer to be truthful while being humorous. The first thing they notice in people is how genuine a person laughs and chuckles. The way people react to jokes or how they are involved in funny, witty bits of conversation, how they voice their opinions or whether they sugarcoat things or express them as it is.


 Capricorn –Reliability /Gestures

Capricorn is the most dependable and realistic sign who’d work hard to attain it all. Capricorn is quick to notice the gestures of people first thing. The way they shake the hands, smile, laugh or even talk. They’d observe little things to determine if the person is trustworthy or reliable.

Capricorn also pays close attention to how people react to the mention of responsibility and duty.


 Aquarius –Intellect /Wit

Aquarius is an aloof sign who stays distant from people but is attached to nature or causes they care for. The first thing they notice in people is their talk and style. For the smart Aquarius, the way a person expresses themselves is important.

They’d notice the intellect, wit, humour and opinions. Especially if their thoughts are individualistic or formed by society.


 Pisces –Body/Soul

Pisces is the most mystic and dreamy sign. The sensitive sign is the best observer of the zodiac but the least judgmental. Even in the first meeting, Pisces manages to scan the body, the heart or the mind of a person. They’d observe how a person reacts, where they are staring, and what they are thinking or feeling.

They try to read a person like a book or watch like a movie.

first thing zodiac sign notice

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