Zodiac signs as superpowers

We all know the zodiac signs can influence our lives, but what if they could do more? Sci-fi movies have already explored this idea. Many people have imagined that their sign could lead to them having superpowers. So here is a list of twelve Zodiac signs and their superpower title. Zodiac Signs as Superpowers

In this post we will look at one such trait or side of each sign,

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Aries SuperPower – Super Speed

Zodiac Sign as Superpowers Aries wants to get so much done at once that it is crazy. They wish to attain a skill wherein they can get done everything they started. Nothing fits better than the power of super speed for the feisty Aries. They are always hurrying and rushing from one place to task to another. For fiery Aries, Super speed is a blessing. A power that truly justifies the pace of Aries.

Zodiac Signs as Superpowers aries

Taurus SuperPower – Time Travel

Taurus is one meticulous sign. They’d make sure to recall all their past mistakes so that they do not mess up again. They also plan with the future in mind. If there is one sign that can truly utilize the power of Time Travel to the fullest it has to be Taurus. They do not just respect the worth of time but know that it can be equivalent to money or any form of wealth.

Zodiac Signs as Superpowers Taurus

Gemini SuperPower – Shape Shifting

Gemini is someone who always looks up to widen their existing know- how. They are forever evolving and trying to better themselves as well as others. A superpower of shape- shifting where one can change into whatever they wish to is something that monotony hater Gemini would love the most. The possibilities are endless and Gemini would embrace them well.

Zodiac Signs as Superpowers Gemini

Cancer Superpowers – Weather Control

Cancerians are known as emotional ones and their moods can range from silent to violent in a short span of time. The sign ruled by Moon is most suited for the power to control and manipulate the weather. Imagine an ability where they can easily turn a rainy-stormy day into a sunny one, or a hot heat-filled day into a wintery chilled one. Cancer would use it to the fullest.

Zodiac Signs as Superpowers Cancer

Leo SuperPowers – Divine Vision 

Leos are quite far-sighted and they can foresee things or events to a certain level all due to confidence in themselves and the people around them. A power where they can see everything and anything is something that would work best with Leos. An ability to see beyond the boundaries of time or space is best for the intelligent Leo who is known to use knowledge well.

Zodiac Signs as Superpowers Leo

Virgo SuperPower – Telekinesis

Virgo has crazy organizing skills, add to it their amazing mind power. What better can suit them than the superpower of Telekinesis? An ability to move objects and things just by their mind power. Just imagine the possibilities that Virgos would explore with such immensely great power. They’d be in full control and would have satisfactory fun as their thought leads to movement.

Zodiac Signs as Superpowers Virgo

Libra SuperPower – Protection

Libra is a well-wisher of the world. Whether they like it or not they are always trying to protect the people around them or at least their loved ones. A superpower that would go well with Libran is that of Protection. An ability that allows them to shield people and anyone in the world from unknown dangers and threats. Nothing better than the power to protect.

Zodiac Signs as Superpowers Libra

Scorpio SuperPower – Psychic Power

Scorpios easily know and are skilled enough to influence and manipulate others, they are also intuitive and precognitive. A superpower where they control the minds of the masses, or an ability wherein they know and can easily foresee what is about to occur is most apt for Scorpions. They do have psychic abilities as it is, a power exploring the same would make them ecstatic.

Zodiac Signs as Superpowers Scorpio

Sagittarius SuperPowers – Teleportation

Zodiac Sign as SuperPowers Sagittarius loves travelling and adventure. They are always looking for ways to explore new places and never stop. If only they could magically reach from one place to another, probably their thirst for exploring would suffice. Sagittarius depicts the Power of Teleportation the best. Sagittarius can embrace this power and can explore such an ability to the best.

Zodiac Signs as Superpowers sagittarius

Capricorn SuperPowers – Invisibility

Capricorns are social and would warmly greet everyone they meet. But their crazy real self is revealed only to those they trust. Capricorns love to know it all but do not want the world to know about their curiosity. The power of invisibility suits them the most. Staying hidden and stealth from all, keeping an eye on all and being part of everything while still being apart.

Zodiac Signs as Superpowers Capricorn

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Aquarius SuperPowers – Flying

Aquarius loves a boundless and non- restrictive way of life. If there was one superpower that they could possess or represent, it would be that of flying. Flying above all humans on the surface of the earth, without any sort of bounds or chains, Aquarius being an Air sign amplifies the sign apt for flying superpower. What more could Aquarius desire when the sky is the limit?

Zodiac Signs as Superpowers Aquarius

Pisces SuperPowers – Healing

Pisces not just understand people’s pain but can soothe the pain and trauma with their words, hugs and loving gestures. If there was one superpower equivalent to the Fish, it is that of Healing. Healing means helping someone recover. Pisces are not born healers but they have their way to heal. They may or may not know what healing is and yet love to help and heal others.

Zodiac Signs as Superpowers Pisces
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