Year Of The Tiger – Chinese Zodiac Sign

Year of The Tiger – Getting To Know Chinese Sign Tiger

Are you born in the Year of the Tiger?

1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, 2036, and so on…

The Chinese Zodiac defined by the Chinese Lunar calendar is represented by 12 animals. It follows a twelve-year cycle, where every year has a sign assigned. In this article, we look at those who are born under the year of the Tiger.

Tiger holds the third position in the Chinese zodiac cycle. According to Chinese legends, Tiger is the king of all animals. They are the heavenly beast descended on the earth to kill demons and restore humanity among the people.

People born in the Tiger’s year are confident, brave, and competitive in nature. These individuals cannot stand injustice, making them rebellion to fight against the evil ones in the society. Hence, they work actively and express themselves boldly, doing things in an overweening manner.   

Renowned for their charms and dashing looks, people born in the year of Tigers inherit great personalities. They are highly sophisticated and respect every other person with honor. Moreover, their authenticity and careful use of words receive appreciation from others. Hence, they might turn many eyes in the crowd and be well-liked by others.

At times, one may find them reckless, irritating, and overprotective. Due to their stubbornness, they tend to make tough decisions without caring about others’ feelings. Their tough judgments make their close ones upset, which might jeopardize their relationships.

Year of Tiger and Elements

As per the Chinese Element Theory, each zodiac animal belongs to one of these five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold (Metal), and Water. Each of these elements appears once in every 60-year cycle. The Tiger is positioned before the Rabbit and after the Ox.

A Fire Tiger, for example, appeared in 1926, followed by 1986, and it will now appear in 2046. The element and the zodiac sign of the birth year decide the fortunes and personality traits of individuals.

Tigers have a very dominant role. Therefore, one needs a good understanding and patience to deal with them.

We are presenting you some fascinating facts about these kings based on their birth years and elements:

  • Wood Tiger – Year: 1974, 2034

People born in the year of Wood Tigers are compassionate and unorthodox. These people believe in unity and work with others to achieve common goals. In addition, their good communication and interpersonal skills help them build healthy relationships with their family, friends, and coworkers. Mostly, these open-minded individuals are optimistic and extroverts, making them popular among their circles. 

Sometimes, these wood tigers undertake tasks that are beyond their abilities. In their overconfidence, they make reckless decisions for which they might not be prepared, resulting in the loss of many opportunities.   

  • Fire Tiger – Year: 1926, 1986

People born in the year of the fire tiger are highly optimistic and liberated. These individuals make all their important decisions based on their present times. They are self-motivated and see everything as an opportunity rather than a problem. Likely, they tend to surround themselves with positive people who believe in their dreams and ideologies.

However, these fire tigers are impatient and lack self-control over certain things. In their bad temper, they speak unrespected. Also, they make irrational decisions, affecting relationships with their loved ones. 

  • Earth Tiger – Year: 1938, 1998

People born in the year of the earth tiger are realistic and adventurous. These tigers like to try out new things- food, music, dance, traveling, or outdoor activities. They find solace in exploring new places and meeting new people to boost their knowledge and enjoy moments of life. On the other hand, they are highly mature and make realistic decisions for a living.

An earth tiger is very adamant. These tigers are reluctant to change their decisions about something they have made. If something is not according to the plan, they might feel frustrated and throw their temper on other people.

  • Gold Tiger Horse – Year: 1950, 2010

People born in the year of gold tigers are compassionate and thoughtful. They are good with words that enable them to get along well with their colleagues or friends in life. Moreover, these gold tigers have soft hearts and believe in uplifting society for a better tomorrow. Hence, they are self-motivated and volunteer for a good cause.

On the contrary, most male gold tigers are indecisive. They take a lot of time to decide, which might lose them a good opportunity, leaving them feeling frustrated and in grief.

  • Water Tiger Horse – Year: 1962, 2022

People born in the year of the water tiger are intellectual and thoughtful. These tigers are always eager to explore and learn something new. They are courageous to push themselves off their boundaries and learn things independently. Moreover, they have a strong sense of self-esteem and do not like to accept advice from others.

Often, these water tigers are out-spoken. As a result, these tigers might unintentionally hurt others’ feelings and regret later. When they are angry, they may get a little violated and speak harshly.

  • Number: 1, 3, and 4
  • Days: 16th and 27th (of any Chinese lunar months)
  • Colour: Blue, Gray, and Orange
  • Flower: Yellow Lily, Cineraria
  • Direction: East, North, and South
  • Number: 6, 7, and 8
  • Colour: Brown, Gray, and Orange
  • Direction: Southwest

Final Thoughts

People born in the Tiger’s year are positively energetic, hardworking, and ambitious. In addition, they inherit leadership skills, which pursues them to build a castle for their loved ones. Their individuality and self-esteem are paramount to them.

With such morality and visions, it’s no surprise that Tigers want to excel in every territory they lay their eyes on & take pride in their accomplishments. 

In a nutshell, people born in the year of Tiger live on a simple motto: live life for pride and honor. Know your best and never settle for less than you deserve.” 

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